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A day out in an ECR resort for a team outing is a fantastic way to strengthen bonds, boost creativity, and provide the much-needed energy boost for your corporate teams. With so many venue options available, it can be quite challenging to select the perfect location for your team outings.

Selecting an ECR resort for team outings can offer many advantages, making it a strategic and enjoyable choice. Here are a few compelling reasons why choosing an ECR resort for team outings is a wise decision:

Scenic Ambience

ECR resorts are often nestled in scenic coastal locations, providing a tranquil and visually appealing backdrop for your team outing.

Grande Bay Resort and Spa is a boutique hotel set on ECR, along the coast of the Bay of Bengal. The resort presents a range of outdoor venue choices with scenic ambience – whether you prefer a beachside, poolside or lawnside setting.

Some of the outdoor venue options available at Grande Bay Resorts and Spa are – Horizon by the Sea: an ocean-view venue by the beach, with luxurious gardens and Mahabs inspired architecture.  

Grande Pavilion: A magnificent indoor and outdoor setting with beautiful garden backdrops. It comprises a 3000 sq ft air-conditioned hall as well as an outdoor area of 15,000 sq ft of lush green lawns.

If you are looking for an indoor space for a more formal setting then Grande Bay offers acoustic treated sound proof indoor halls with top quality meeting equipment such as projector, AV devices, etc. with a seating capacity of up to 800.

Proximity and Accessibility

These resorts are typically conveniently located, offering easy accessibility from major cities. This ensures that your team spends more time enjoying the outing rather than navigating through lengthy commutes.
Just an hour away from Chennai, Grande Bay Resort and Spa is located on the coastal side of the road, at the entrance of Mahabalipuram, making it an easily accessible venue from any part of the city.

Versatile Facilities

ECR resorts often boast versatile facilities suitable for a wide range of activities. Whether you’re planning team-building exercises, workshops, beach sports, adventure challenges or simply plan to enjoy shared leisure time with your teammates, these resorts can accommodate various needs, providing a holistic experience for your team.

With large open spaces and easy access to a private beach, there is an opportunity to plan a variety of team building activities at Grande Bay Resort and Spa. A professionally trained in house events management team is also available to help you organize and execute your team building activities.

Recreational Amenities

ECR resorts often feature a range of recreational amenities, including swimming pools, spa services, and sports facilities. These amenities add to the different kinds of activities team members can indulge in, making their overall team outing experience a memorable one.

Grande Bay Resort and Spa has a dedicated spa and wellness facility that is ideal for relaxation and rejuvenation, enhancing the overall stay experience. In addition to these recreational amenities, the resort boasts 44 exclusively appointed Chalets and Studios, adding an extra layer of comfort for the perfect overnight or weekend team outing.

Culinary Delights

The dining options at ECR resorts are often diverse, offering a variety of cuisines to suit different tastes. Enjoying meals together adds a social element to the outing and enhances the overall experience.

Grande Bay Resort and Spa’s award-winning restaurant, L’attitude 49, serves up some of the finest recipes from around the world. The menu includes specially curated traditional recipes from continental Europe to East Asia, with a twist. It also offers South Indian heritage specials and the freshest, most delectable seafood sourced directly from the local fishing community.

The minimalist interiors of L’attitude 49 make for an atmosphere that is chic and upscale, yet warm and welcoming. The gorgeous open deck provides an enchanting ocean view for an al fresco dining experience.
For those seeking a more relaxed ambiance, Grande Bay Resort and Spa features a well-equipped bar. Here, you can unwind amidst fabulous drinks and personalized service, creating the perfect setting for socializing with your team members. Whether it’s a culinary adventure or a casual evening with drinks, the resort ensures that every dining experience is a memorable one.

In summary, choosing an ECR resort for a team outing provides a holistic and enjoyable experience, offering a blend of natural beauty, versatile facilities, and opportunities for team bonding. It’s the perfect choice to rejuvenate your team and enhance overall collaboration and productivity.