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Team-building activities such as team outings, games, huddles and so on create a pleasant environment at the workplace which helps boost employee morale and also creates a sense of belonging & satisfaction.

However, planning successful team outings requires careful consideration of various factors to ensure that the event is enjoyable & inclusive, and promotes team bonding.

Here’s an ultimate guide to help you plan team outings effectively:

1. Set a goal

Team outings serve various purposes, including fostering team bonding, enhancing communication, building trust, and problem-solving. The chosen venue should align with the specific objectives, providing a conducive environment for the activities aimed at achieving these goals.

2. Choose the right venue

Select a venue that aligns with your team’s preferences and the goals of the outing. Consider factors like accessibility, accommodation, open spaces for activities, capacity, and the availability of amenities.

Located just an hour away from Chennai, Grande Bay Resort and Spa is the perfect choice for your team-building event. It offers:

  • Multiple venue options: Indoor, outdoor, poolside and lawnside venues
  • A business centre & banquet hall with a seating capacity of up to 800
  • Acoustic-treated and soundproof indoor halls
  • Top-quality meeting equipment such as projectors, AV devices, etc.
  • 44 exclusively appointed chalets and studios for overnight/weekend events
  • Great food from an award-winning multi-cuisine restaurant, L’attitude 49
  • The Quentina Lounge & Bar with a fabulous view, for post-event networking
  • Easy access to the private beach to enjoy water activities
  • Spa for relaxation and rejuvenation

3. Partner with an event planner

Collaborating with a professional event planner can significantly enhance the success and enjoyment of your team outings.

Finding the right event planner can be a tedious task. However, Grande Bay Resort & Spa have an in-house professionally trained & experienced events planning team who can help you plan your team-building and recreational activities, making your team outing a memorable experience rather than a stressful one!

4. Review logistics and set an agenda

One of the most important factors to consider is logistics. You will need to arrange the required transportation in advance to ensure that the transit from Chennai to the venue and back for the team outing is comfortable for you and your team members. Also, have your agenda prepared for the team outing so that everything you plan gets executed effectively and efficiently.

5. Select engaging activities

Keep the interests and preferences of your team members in mind while selecting activities that should also align with the objective of team outings. Select the activities that are interactive and help in building healthy relationships among the team members. Make sure every member attending the event engages and participates.

Now that you know the pro tips for planning team outings it’s time to plan one and make the most out of it as it involves investing in time and money.

Create a strong culture in your company that will not only help you retain your employees but also help them learn, grow and work together as a team.