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As the saying goes – All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. From monotonous work life to countless family responsibilities, it is easy to get lost in the constant humdrum of life. So what better way to let loose and blow off some steam than a perfect party at one of the happening resorts of the city? If you are planning to host one soon, read on for some quick tips and suggestions to leave your guests spellbound.

Let the music play!

Music is the soul of every party. There is no better way to get the crowd on to their feet and pump up the ambience than some great foot tapping numbers. Make sure you invest in a good music system and put up some great speakers that are all about that bass! It is also a good idea to update your playlist with all the latest chart toppers and timeless classics. While you are at it, add in some Bollywood numbers and regional super hits as well, and watch the crowd go bonkers. To shoot the party meter up a notch, hire a DJ and let him/her take over the evening.

Set the mood with good food

An awesome party is incomplete without great food. Opt for a buffet so your guest can tickle their taste buds with dishes of their choice. Since a party is about socialising and striking interesting conversations, make sure the spread includes a good amount of starters and finger food that are easy to nibble on. Keep the preferences of your visitors in mind and spoil them with a scrumptious serving of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Of course, do not forget the desserts! From delicious ice-creams to finger-licking sweets, let your guests indulge in the best delicacies and have the time of their lives.

Keep the spirits high

Food is usually complemented with sparkling beverages that set the mood of the party. You can opt for domestic or international liquors and make sure there are enough chasers to complement them. Hosting a party at a resort is the best idea as you have unlimited access to spirits, eliminating the need to buy them in bulk. Additionally, resorts are equipped with gorgeous sea-facing bars, like the Quentina Bar, that instantly give out party vibes. You can hire a bartender and watch him mix up the best of cocktails as you sit back and chat with your guests. Apart from the refreshing drinks, you can also keep your audience entertained with some jaw-dropping bartending skills and be the talk of the town.

Go in for a theme

Theme parties are the best way to excite your guests even before the party begins. It creates a hype amongst the crowd as everyone dresses up with the prime motive to stand out. From good-old movie themes to contemporary concepts like nautical or all-white, get creative and keep your guests intrigued. Do not forget to decorate the venue as per the theme. You can opt for dreamy lanterns, colourful balloons or interesting props and bring the party to life.

Choose a fun resort

Resorts are the best place to host parties. Unlike houses or pubs, they offer a relaxed ambience by the serene sea. From good food to great music and mind-blowing cocktails, you can let the professionals take up the responsibility as you enjoy your party along with your guests.

So, what are you waiting for?It’s time for a weekend getawayand we are here to make sure you have a great one!