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Positive work relationships are built on a foundation of trust, communication and camaraderie. This foundation is not built overnight, but over many interactions, shared experiences, company culture and so on.

Team outings are a great opportunity to build trust and friendships. 

In this blog, we have compiled a set of ideas to have effective team outings for team-building, taking into account diverse interests, budgets, and accessibility levels.

1. Outdoor Adventure Retreat

  • Plan a weekend getaway to a nature retreat or adventure camp.
  • Include activities like hiking, zip-lining, rafting, and team-building games.

2. Escape Room Challenge

  • Take your team to an escape room where they have to work together to solve puzzles and “escape” within a set time.
  • It promotes teamwork, problem-solving, and communication skills.

3. Cooking Class

  • Arrange for a cooking class or a team cooking competition.
  • This fosters collaboration as team members work together to create a delicious meal.

4. Team Sports Tournament

  • Organize a friendly sports tournament, such as volleyball, soccer, or a relay race.
  • It encourages teamwork, communication, and healthy competition.

5. Community Service Day

  • Volunteer as a team for a local charity or community project.
  • This not only builds team spirit but also gives back to the community.

6. Themed Costume Party

  • Host a themed costume party or a themed dinner event.
  • It allows team members to relax and have fun together in a non-work environment.

7. Art and Creativity Workshop

  • Engage in a creative workshop, such as painting, pottery, or sculpture.
  • It encourages innovation and thinking outside the box.

8. Team-building Games Day

  • Set up a day with various team-building games like trust falls, problem-solving challenges, and relay races.
  • This can be done indoors or outdoors depending on the space available.

9. Technology-Free Retreat

  • Arrange a retreat where team members disconnect from technology.
  • Focus on activities like meditation, team discussions, and outdoor adventures.

10. Team Movie Night

  • Rent a private space or use your office space for a movie night.
  • Pick a selection of movies and allow team members to vote on their favourites.

11. Karaoke Night

  • Rent a karaoke machine or go to a karaoke bar for fun and laughter.
  • It’s a great way for team members to let loose and showcase their talents.

12. Improv Comedy Workshop

  • Hire a professional improv coach to lead a workshop.
  • Improv exercises help build creativity, communication, and quick thinking.

Remember to consider the preferences and comfort levels of your team members when planning team outings. The key is to create an environment where everyone feels included and has the opportunity to bond in a relaxed and enjoyable setting.

Things to consider when planning corporate team outings

While team outings are an excellent means of bringing people together, adhering to these three fundamental criteria will contribute to the success and participation of all team members.

  • Accessibility
    Ensure that the chosen outing accommodates everyone’s physical abilities. Opt for activities that do not demand excessive physical exertion, or confirm the participants’ capability to engage in the chosen activity.
  • Individual Budgets
    Keep in mind the financial aspect. Ensure that the outing is affordable for all participants, even if only travel expenses are covered. Consider diverse financial circumstances to make the experience accessible to everyone.
  • Overall Inclusivity
    Double-check and meet overall inclusivity requirements. Consider factors such as cultural preferences, geographical distances, and scheduling constraints. Ensure that the outing is designed to be inclusive and enjoyable for everyone involved.

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