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There is an irresistible charm to choosing a destination wedding venue for your wedding day! A breathtaking location with natural scenery, or perhaps you would even love to tie the knot by the oceanside. The venue sets the tone for the entire event and can significantly impact your wedding’s overall look and feel. However, the process of choosing a destination wedding venue can be overwhelming. We know!

To make it easier for you, we have put together the ultimate guide to help you choose the best destination wedding venue for your big day.

6-Point Checklist for Choosing the Right Destination Wedding Venue

1. Type of Venue based on the Season

The type of destination wedding venue you choose can greatly depend on the weather conditions you desire for your special day. In warm and sunny destinations opt for a beachfront resort in tropical locations for a sunny and relaxed atmosphere or choose a venue with lush tropical gardens, providing a beautiful vibrant backdrop for your ceremony and reception. In mild and temperate destinations opt for historic venues where you can enjoy mild climates and explore cultural attractions or coastal venues for a perfect blend of seaside charm and comfortable weather.

Whether you are a beach person or love a sprawling lawn where you can host your guests, Grande Bay Resort and Spa has something for everyone. We have three options from which you can choose. If you wish to enjoy a stunning ocean-view wedding, pick Horizon by the Sea. It is a slice of heaven on earth with the beach waves creating a romantic atmosphere for your wedding vows to be shared. What more? You can also enjoy the backdrop of Mahabalipuram architecture that adds an element of class to your dreamy wedding.

Choose the Grand Pavilion to get the best of both indoor and outdoor destination wedding venue options. You can either choose to have your wedding in the 15000 sq ft picturesque garden backdrop, or go for a 3000 sq ft air-conditioned hall. It CANNOT get any better than this!

Lastly, if you are on the lookout for pre-wedding locations, choose Citrus Gardens. It can be decorated to suit your needs. It also doubles as a popular Hindu Wedding destination as it is located close to the Mukundanayanar temple. 

2. Accommodation for Guests 

Throwing a wedding at a fancy destination means that you have to accommodate your guests as well! Think of the number of people on your guest list and then accordingly plan for the number of rooms you will require to accommodate these guests. 

At Grande Bay Resort and Spa, accommodation options are available to suit all your requirements. The various options are:

Grande Studio: For enthusiasts of bright colors and modern architectural styles, Grande Studio has something perfect waiting for you. Here, you get Parquet floors, a stunning private garden with a view, patio seating, and 550 square feet of unmatched comfort.

Grande Chalet: If you are looking for a perfect blend of luxury and comfort, this is the ultimate option for you! It offers a serene pool view, an expanse of 625 sq ft, and a private garden/balcony.

Grande Duplex: If you want to have a gala time with your family, friends and extended relatives, look no further than Grand Duplex! These ultra luxurious rooms have a large bedroom, cozy loft upstairs for another bed, and the beautiful balcony overlooks the swimming pool and private Garden.

Grande Chalet Sea View: The ultimate in luxury and comfort, from the elegant and modern decor to the serene Sea view. Take your pick of a spacious chalet covering 400 sq ft, with a beautiful private balcony sea view.

3. Local Wedding Planner

Partnering with a local wedding planner not only helps streamline the planning process but also they can help you find the ideal destination wedding venue in that area. They will be familiar with the various venue options and even the local vendors who they can help you coordinate with.

Grande Bay Resort and Spa offers a team of experienced wedding planning partners who can manage all the logistics of your wedding planning.

4. Services and Amenities

It is important to consider the various services and amenities provided by potential venues. Ensure that the venue can cater to your specific needs, such as custom catering, valet parking, and seating capacity of all the wedding events spaces – confirm that the venue has the capacity to host your expected guest count.

Grande Bay Resort and Spa takes special care in going above and beyond to provide you and your guests with the most comfortable experience. From on site kitchen spaces to kid’s entertainment areas, custom catering to valet parking, and seating capacity of up to 2000, they have it all. 

5. Guests Accessibility

Evaluating the accessibility of the destination for your guests is necessary. Consider travel time, transportation options, and any visa or documentation requirements. Choose a location that is reasonably easy for your guests to reach, keeping their comfort and convenience in mind.

Just an hour away from Chennai, Grande Bay Resort and Spa is an easily accessible venue conveniently located on the coastal side of the road at the entrance to Mahabalipuram, making it easy for guests to get to the resort from any part of the city.

6. Events and Fun Activities

What could be more fun and ideal than having well-curated events and activities that can entertain your guests throughout? You can turn your special day into a full-fledged wedding weekend.

Your guests can also entertain themselves by taking part in fun activities that Grande Bay Resort and Spa offers, if they plan to come a few days ahead of the wedding. These can be Night Safari at Crocodile Bank, go on cycling tours, and if they are a person of history and tradition, the History Walk at Mahabalipuram is the perfect place to be.  

In summary… 

 Selecting the perfect destination for their most special day is a dream for many. At Grande Bay Resort and Spa, we work hard to make this dream of yours come true by creating the most beautiful environment for your weddings to take place with your family and friends.