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We live in a world that is fast paced and that, which, does not leave any exclusive time to spend with oneself, family, friends or just relax and unwind. And if you are in Tamil Nadu, then the Grande Bay Resort is the place to be. Away from the hustle bustle of life; this resorts offers a plethora of activities that give a break to the humdrum of work and life.

  1. Night Safari

Located at about 14 kilometers from the Grand Bay resort is the Madras Crocodile Bank – a reptile ZOO & Herpetology research centre. Home to more than 2500 reptiles, this croc bank is covered luxuriously with the coastal dune forest; thereby offering a haven to the wildlife living there.


  1. Cycling Tours

Who does not love to cycle around the streets and have fun with friends & family. Now you can cycle for hours together around Mamallapuram on a wide range of new bicycles; Hercules turbo drive and BSA lady bird. Pick up cycling contests or just ride for fun – there is not stopping.


  1. History Walk

Mamallapuram is magnanimously famous for the presence of landmark that boasts of rich Indian culture and history. You can experience the Pallava architecture that is symbolically shown in the Two towered Shore Temple.

  1. Day at Pondicherry

Pondicherry is never short of surprising you with the plethora of attractions, views and experiences it has to offer to tourists and guests. From the sacred Sri Aurubindo Ashram to Auroville, the” CITY OF DAWN” and the promenade beach of Mahabalipuram that is lined with heritage buildings & monuments.

  1. Village Glimpses

Love to explore the rural culture and pomp? Visit the impactful Poonjeri, Kadumbadi and Kuchikaadu villages. You can also walk through the pottery units, the village schools and other small temples present in these villages.

  1. Motor Cycle Tours

How about riding a Royal Enfield 500cc bike and explore the vicinity of the resort? Well, if you are an adventure freak, then zoom around to explore the city and the local offerings.

  1. Off Road Sports

If you have not had enough of sports up sleeve, then whiz your sporty way 4 kilometers from the resort to the ATV tracks and enjoy world renowned Polaris off road vehicles ranging from 100cc to 1000cc.

  1. Walk Up To Shiva

Nestled on top of a hill, is the famous pilgrim centre – the Thirukalukundram temple. Located at about 15kms from the resort, this temple houses Lord Shiva.

  1. Deep Sea Fishing

If you are not the adventure sorts or wish to take a break from the vroom and rides, then go fishing into the sea.

  1. Yoga @ The Resort

Relax and unwind your mind, body and soul. If this is the idea behind your weekend getaway to the Grand Bay Resort, then enroll yourself for the Yoga sessions by an experience Yoga instructor in the resort itself.