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Girl gangs and fun weekend trips are almost synonymous with each other. From endless discussions on WhatsApp groups to rigorous vacation planning on an all-girls night out, there is no girl gang which has not dreamt of that perfect weekend getaway. Unfortunately, most times these plans do not materialise and frizzle out, due to various reasons. Read on for some useful tips and suggestions to turn that dream weekend into a stunning reality.

Find the perfect window

Having a group of girlfriends is both a curse and a blessing. A blessing because you know you have a support system for life and a curse because there is never a time when all the friends are free for a weekend getaway. From family commitments to boyfriend problems, there is always an excuse. In order to plan and execute the perfect trip, it is best to start in advance and find that window of opportunity when the entire gang is free and ready to have a good time. Heading out to a resort is the best option as it gives out the vibes of a vacation within city limits.

Book your stay

Though last-minute plans are the best, it is always best to plan ahead and book your stay. Not only will you get the best rates, but you will also be rest assured that the trip cannot get cancelled once the stay is fixed. Find the best deals on various travel portals and check the reviews of the place before you make your move.

Plan your wardrobe

A girl’s trip and on-point dressing have always gone hand-in-hand. Girls love dressing up and striking the perfect pose with their beloved girlfriends. If you are heading out for a fun-filled weekend at a resort, make sure you’ve got all your vacation clothes right. From neon shorts to quirky tank tops, this is when you can let go of your monotonous office wear and let your hair down. Do not forget to pack a lot of sunscreen for that impromptu volleyball match at the beach and your vibrant swimwear for those cheerful hours in the swimming pool.

Hit the road

Amidst all the weekend planning, do not forget to focus on the mini road trip you will be indulging in with your girls. Since most of the resorts in Chennai are located in the scenic road of ECR, you can spice up the commute to your destination with a foot-tapping playlist. While you are at it, you can also pick a few car games to play to keep the spirits high.

Pick the perfect resort

Since planning for the weekend getaway can get taxing enough, it is very important you choose the right resort that lives up to the expectations of the group. Choose a destination which has a stunning swimming pool, easy access to the beach, a happening bar, remarkable rooms and impeccable hospitality.

Grande Bay Resorts is one such spectacular property which checks all the boxes. From a state-of-the-art Quentina Bar to keep your spirits high to scrumptious seafood served fresh from the ocean, this resort is built keeping the contemporary traveller in mind. You can also indulge in a relaxing and soul-stirring evening at the SPA or the various fun activities available at the resort and bond with your girl pals over nostalgic stories from the past.

So what are you waiting for? You fun weekend with Grande Bay Resorts in just a click away. Book your stay now and take back memories to cherish for life.