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Spas – Why they are essential

The very word “spa” conjures up extravagance and pampering with massages and facials. Spas are no longer inaccessible – why not take advantage while you are visiting Grande Bay Resort? Look and feel good whether it is a normal day or a special occasion. Spa breaks can be a day or a week – pamper yourself with a luxurious holiday and feel well, body and soul.

The ultimate aim of a spa, even the one at Grande Bay Resort is to enhance your sense of well-being and to make you look your best.

Classes of Spas

Day Spas are places where you can get treatments any time during the day. You can book a whole day or just one service. Each day spa offers different services – check them out to see what they offer and then book accordingly. If you can get recommendations, that is even better.

Destination spas are set up with the sole purpose of changing your lifestyle to a healthy one. Services can include treatments, nutrition related regimens and even exercise. Most often it would require a person to stay at the spa for a couple of nights or longer, based on the program chosen.


Resort spas are usually located in hotels in different cities. Guests get access to spa services, yoga and fitness classes and specialized food which is healthy. This is a great choice for people who travel and want to unwind.

Medical spas offer treatments under a doctor’s supervision. It could include skin related treatments, facials and even massages with medicated oils.

Mineral spring spas have thermal lakes which are naturally imbued with minerals. Seawater and other related substances are used to treat health issues with the ultimate aim to cure.

Airport spas offer short treatments like shiatzu massages to travelers to alleviate fatigue and help them feel good. Oxygen therapy and other hour long treatments are also available.


What to know about spas

  • Spas at the Grande Bay Resort will offer a variety of activities to their guests. There are camps for kids too. Some resort spas charge extra for meals if they are not specifically designated as health spas. Expect to pay extra for classes, whether it is yoga or Pilates. Check before you go so you don’t get surprised at the extra charges.

  • The main point of spas is that they help people with different problems to jumpstart their life, especially if it has something to do with lifestyle and diet. It is a great way to be with like-minded people. The good thing about spas is that it is perfectly okay to travel alone as services and amenities are geared for individual attention.

  • Of course, spas are an indulgence but these days there are spas that offer services at affordable prices. Prices are not an indicator about the quality of services – it is just that paying a premium will afford you a different class of service.

  • Since it is really personalized service, make sure to pay attention to spa etiquette. Rules are usually set up to help guests and spa workers stay healthy and get the most of the experience. Spa etiquette is usually set up with customer privacy and comfort in mind.

  • If you have special needs and requests, state them clearly before getting services. For instance, some women may not be comfortable getting a full body massage from a male therapist. It is perfectly alright to ask for a woman.


All in all, spas, including the one at Grand Resort Bay are set up with customer comfort and service in mind. Check it out and enjoy the experience.