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Packing for a trip can be a huge pain, especially when you are trying to ensure that you don’t have much baggage slowing you down. The need for whatever’s “necessary” eventually goes out the window as you end up packing more than what is needed for you to enjoy your vacation. The excess items slow you down in the process and can hamper with your holiday experience. Carrying around extra weight is never a good thing at all, especially if you intend to be moving and travelling around a lot.

The best thing that you can do is to find some great travel packing tips to make your life a whole lot easier. Some of these hacks can come in handy for a day at the beach or even while planning your next road trip. If the thought of excess baggage has been giving you a headache, it’s time to put away all those fears. Check out these travel packing tips to pack light for a vacation-

Whatever’s in your bag expands to fill space

While travelling on any mode of transport, airplanes especially, be sure to pack just enough to fill the space of your bag. Too many items will result in your bag becoming too heavy to lug around. Resist the urge to pack unnecessary clothes or items, lest you wish to carry around a huge bag or suitcase that appears to be bursting at the seams. Pack only what you need and take only those items with you. It’ll help a lot with your travels and will allow you to stay mobile.

Fold and re-fold

If there are items and clothes that you absolutely need to carry with you, try to fold up your clothes as much as possible so that you can make space for other items in your suitcase. The extra folding may be tedious but extra space is better than no space. Ensure that your clothes don’t take up more than one-third of your suitcase while packing. Keep the other two-thirds for toiletries and the like. If the clothes take up more space, keep folding them as much as possible so that you get just the right amount of space needed.

Don’t worry about dirty laundry

Laundromats and laundry services are available in most of the resorts and hotels. So don’t stress about the amount of dirty laundry piling up. If the hotel that you are staying in doesn’t readily offer laundry services, don’t hesitate to ask them. Most of the hotel laundry services will provide excellent cleaning for your clothes and you are more likely to experience fewer troubles with them. Be sure to inquire at the hotel’s front desk about their laundry services or check about their availabilitybefore choosing the hotel itself.

Airport hacks

Airport rules have certain hacks that you can use to your advantage. For example, wearing an item doesn’t count as carrying an item. You can keep certain items in your pockets, wear your boots and jackets and pack away stuff like sandals. The “carry on plus one extra personal item” rule is a huge boon too. Take small shoulder bags or a small backpack for items like souvenirs, etc. Duty-free items also give you a free pass. If the item cannot fit into your bag, some airlines will allow you to carry it without any penalty.

Keep these travel packing tips in mind while packing for a trip and you will be sorted. You’ll find a huge difference immediately whether you are planning a girl’s trip or aweekend getaway with friends. While planning your next vacation to Chennai, be sure to stay at Grande Bay Resort for an amazing vacation experience. Grande Bay has the best amenities to ensure a wonderful stay for you and your loved ones.You can expect nothing but the best in hospitality and service. Hurry and book your room at Grande Bay Resort to have the best vacation experience in Chennai.