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Beach vacations are meant to be full of fun for you and your family. However, when you have toddlers, you don’t get much time to relax due to their high energy levels. Their constant need for attention takes a toll on your social life and, to an extent, your health. This is why a refreshing beach vacation is exactly what you need to unwind and relax. Read on for a few pointers and useful tips on how to survive a beach vacation with your toddlers and make memories you can cherish for life.

Pack well in advance

Make sure that you pack your clothes, toiletries and necessities well in advance before starting your vacation. Packing in a hurry for just one person is a frightful experience. Imagine doing the same for both you and your toddler. Make a list of what you need to carry and start checking it off as you pack. That way, you can start your vacation with peace of mind.

Keep plenty of large Ziploc/plastic bags

Ziploc/plastic bags will come in handy for when you’re putting away your little one’s wet and dry clothes. These bags are also double up as trash bags to get rid of your toddler’s soiled underwear. Apart from categorizing the clothes, a plastic bag also ensures the wet sand does not seep through the rest of your baggage.

Stick to a schedule

If you do things without a proper schedule, your beach vacation with your toddler could turn into a disaster. The trick lies in maintaining the same schedule for your toddler with a good dose of holiday activities here and there. Make sure that you allot enough time for meals and naps for your tiny tot so that you can enjoy your vacation. Otherwise, your dinner plans and sleep might get ruined later.

Protect your toddler from the sun

The sun is a lot hotter along the coast, and your little one is sure to get sunburnt if you don’t ensure that they are well protected from the sun. Aside from applying sunscreen, get your toddler to wear a surf shirt to protect their arms and shoulders. Make sure that you don’t spend more than 45 minutes on the beach as well. It is also a good idea to get a beach umbrella  so that your toddler can chill under the shade as you update your Instagram story with the vibrant prop in the background.

Keep water and snacks ready

Water and snacks are a must when you go on a beach vacation with kids. Your toddler is going to tire themselves out, so it’s best if you have plenty of water and their favorite treats in your bag at all times.. Carry some small biscuits like crackers for them to eat and keep water or juice in a sippy cup for them. A sippy cup is perfect since it is easy to clean and doesn’t leak.

Have a quiet time before dinner

Quiet time before dinner is a must as it gives time for both you and your toddler to relax and rest before having a huge dinner. Quiet time does not necessariliy mean that your kid needs to take a nap. You both can spend time relaxing in bed together, watching some TV or talking about the fun time you had at the beach. The rest will help in avoiding potential meltdowns at dinner and can also help in connecting with your child. While dining, make sure you try out our delicious sea food, freshly caught from the ocean.

Let your toddler use the pool instead of the ocean

Most toddlers are afraid of the ocean because of its unpredictability. If there is a kiddie pool at your hotel, let your tiny tot use the pool instead. The pool is a lot safer, and you both are bound to have a lot more fun in a safer environment.

Relax and have fun

Don’t try to micromanage everything. Let your little one choose an activity to do, and you follow them. A vacation is supposed to be fun after all. So join in with your bundle of joy, relax a bit and have fun! You can also try making time for a refreshing spa treatment as your significant other keeps an eye on your toddler.

Beach vacations are all about the sea, the sand and a lot of fun. If you are headed out for a much-needed break by the coastline, make sure you opt for Grande Bay Resorts as your holiday partner.

We have a child-friendly and safe atmosphere with a wide range of fun activities that you and your toddler are bound to enjoy. Hurry and make your reservations now!