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A day at the beach is always a good idea. Whether it’s a group of friends, a family with kids or a couple, a beach outing can never go wrong. With nature‘s scenic beauty, a sumptuous meal and great company, you can be sure to have a fabulous day. But, before you plan your mini beach vacation it is advisable to keep in mind some great ideas to pack perfectly.

Choose the right bag

Packing for a day by the beach is entirely different from prepping yourself for usual day trips. Make sure you carry a bag that is large and has strong handles. It is always a good idea to accommodate all your belongings in one single bag so you can keep a closer eye on it. Use a bag that is water resistant and is sturdy enough to keep the sand away. Make sure it has enough compartments to keep your stuff organised. Also, keep a plastic bag handy to keep all your wet and dirty clothes away from the clean ones.

Get your checklist spot on

Maintaining a checklist of all the things you need is the best way to begin packing for the beach. Jot down the most essential things like bathing suits, beach towels, an umbrella, sunscreen lotions and comfortable beach footwear.In addition to the above, carry an antiseptic cream. Chances are that small shells or other objects may cause a lesion on the skin. Carry an extra set of clothing, some light snacks and water. You can also carry beach chairs, as they are much more comfortable than sitting down. Apart from your money cards, ensure you carry some cash on you, just in case you feel the urge to indulge in ice cream or soda.

Pack for extras

Needless to say, a day at the beach is fun. But sometimes, it may get a little exhausting. If you are a large group, it is agreat idea to carry board games, beach balls, floats for the children or borrow a surfboardto explore surfing.If you’d like to relax and enjoy the calm, pick out your favourite book or your kindle.The beach is a great idea to unwind with some good music so remember to pack your headsets. You may run out of battery on your mobile phone. Hence, it is important to carry a power bank that is fully charged.

A safety kit is a must

You surely do not want to miss out on the fun because someone in your group encountered a minor injury. Create a first aid kit with medical supplies that you will need for your beach day. Stock up a few Band-Aids, some gauze, insect repellent, an anti-analgesic tablet in the case of an allergy and some glucose to prevent heat strokes and dehydration. Thoughchances are that you may never need it, it is advisable to carry it.

Carry beach friendly food

Running around and swimming in the beach can lead to hunger pangs. Pack some fresh foods like salads and fruits to avoid binging later. Not only are they light, they also prevent you from becoming dehydrated. Sandwiches with cucumbers along with your favourite sauce should satiate you and keep your body cool. Pack some fresh juice for instant energy. Fruit juices such as lemon, orange and watermelon are easy to make and are perfect for a beach setting.

Beaches are great to relax and rejuvenate whether you are planning an amazing girl’s weekend or hoping for some much-needed team building with your colleagues. Make sure you check out GrandeBay Resorts for an amazing weekend getaway with family and friends.