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Grande Bay Resort

Activities you can indulge in when you spend time at the Grande Bay Resort

Spending some quality time at a good resort is surely one of the best ways of unwinding and relaxation. There are several categories of resorts to choose from, based on one’s interests. Consider the following list of resorts to choose from – Hill stations, Islands, Health spas, Nature, Seaside, Skiing, Underwater and diving, All-inclusive resorts, Safaris and Sports. The list is so extensive that there is something for everyone. And you will have a fulfilling experience when you choose the right resort situated in just the perfect location. Mahabalipuram is a vacation destiny in the South of India and the Grande Bay Resort is yet another reason to plan a holiday or a two in this place which is an amalgamation of fun, culture, tradition, adventure, etc. Whether you are looking for some alone time or just want to have a family outing and visiting India then this resort is one such luxury resort that is sure to please you. With a built in spa and a bar you can find the best means of relaxing and pampering yourself.

The resort is located near the sea

Simply lounge near the pool and spend some quite time which in itself is refreshing. When this resort is located in just the right place on the road facing the ocean you have the added advantage of amazing view as well. There are numerous activities that you can do when you stay at this resort that include exploring Indian temples and heritage, or simply indulge in some fun filled beach activities. Any visit to such places would be a dream come true for a nature lover and one who does not have that love, will definitely fall in love with mother nature. And everyone loves activities involving water which is the reason enough to visit Mahabalipuram and Grande Bay Resort.


When you have the sense of wild adventure in you then you can never miss the night safari with crocodiles. What you never can see during the day time about crocodiles including the territorial disputes, breeding activities, etc can all be watched at the night safari that is open exclusively during the weekends. One doesn’t have to be scared of these huge reptiles as you will be guided around by well trained and experienced safari guides.


Say hello to your spiritual side

Get along with your spiritual side and sense of adventure where you get to climb 500 steps to reach the Shiva temple that is situated on top of the hill close to Thiukalukundram. If not for religious reasons you can still visit to enjoy the beautiful view of the market streets from the hill top.

Indulge n the beach and surf through the waves. If you like surfing then you will surely have a blast here as the local surf shop will help you with all the information you need regard the waves and the timings. Once you visit the Grande Bay Resort you can plan on all the activities you will be interested in and in fact the resort will plan it and make sure that you will have a very convenient and pleasing site seeing and fun filled activities.

Visit the seventh century architectural remains


When history interests you and otherwise you can visit the 7th century historic town consisting of cave temples, monolithic chariots, structural temples, etc and have a spine chilling experience of having contact with the oldest existing ruins of Dravidian culture dating as early as the 7th century. Village tour by auto rickshaw is yet another adventurous activity that will provide you a practical insight of the life of villages in India. Right from village panchayat to agricultural fields, you can see it all.