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Relish the yummiest sea food at the Grande bay resort

When you want to spend some quiet and unique time away from home, resorts are something that you think of with many amenities, great restaurant, spa and a lot more for you and your family. But finding a resort with global standards is quite difficult. And as an international traveler you can never compromise the standard where you expect to find genuine hospitality that is obviously welcoming and upscale ambience which is devoid of any false pretence. Grande Bay Resort in ECR Chennai, Mahabalipuram is one such upscale resort with global standards and just apt for both local and international travelers and visitors.

The importance of taste and palate while traveling
When you are on vacation at a destination away from home in a resort food is something that you can never take up lightly. Because when you are away from home you look for something healthy yet tasty yummy food which is different from the routine but at the same time that will compel you to taste and enjoy your meal.
Fresh sea food is something that even people who are not sea food fanatics enjoy once in a while and when cooked using a fresh catch, the experience is just extraordinary. L’attitude 49 restaurant which is a part of Grande Bay Resort is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and is famous for yummy and tasty sea food and the menu holds dishes and recipes that will satisfy any global traveler’s appetite. Creative chef and partner Chindi Varadarajulu is the mastermind behind the amazing assortment of dishes served here that cater the preferences of international travelers.

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Amazing food that matches the class and standard of the resort
Most often one finds that the food department of a resort is not up to the standard in many world class resorts. But that is not the case with resorts like Grande Bay Resort which is not just beautifully designed and constructed to cater the global travelers but also the ones seeking luxury amenities. L’attitude 49 holds up that promise of satisfying a varied palate which can be only experienced personally.
To name a few exotic dishes served here one can arrive at the conclusion that the menu is not confined to any particular region or country but has the best from across the globe. Caribbean Seafood soup, Nasi Goreng, Ribbon Spaghetti and prawns, Pad Thai, Grande Penne, etc are some examples of food served here and not to forget the special Seafood Catch of the Day.

Gatherings and managing such events along with delicious & yummy food requires a bit of planning and anticipating requirements. Making a list of items, asking questions and working with the restaurant manager is a good way to ensure that your lunch and dinner gatherings can go off smoothly.  Doing it personally comes with a set of challenges and working with the restaurant manager has its own advantages. They are in a better position to offer ideas and menu alterations as per your needs.

Fresh catch and fresh garden herbs make the dishes mouth watering
This restaurant has proud partnerships with the local fishermen that make the delicious seafood very special and once in a lifetime opportunity. The herbs used in the dishes are grown on the rooftop herb garden of the resort which makes it an organic venture all in all where you do not have to worry about the harmful effects of fungicides, pesticides, etc. You can visit this beautiful restaurant just to enjoy some tasty and delicious seafood even when you do not wish to stay in the resort. But the beauty and ambience of the resort is such that it is a must visit when you are visiting Mahabalipuram in India.