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Chennai is known for its numerous beaches, temples and water sports. If you have a day off, there are a lot of quick getaways within an hour away from your city. But, while Chennai has a lot to offer us, what about the kids? With the summer vacations coming up, you’re probably in the lookout for kid-friendly activities to indulge in this summer. A few of them are discussed below.

Bounce and jump at Airborne Trampoline Park

Take your kids to or unleash your inner kid at Airborne – Chennai’s first indoor trampoline park. Located at Khader Nawaz Khan Road, this trampoline park has 15 interconnected mini trampolines, two basketball hoops and a foam and sponge pit where you can chill after all that bouncing. Suffice to say your kids will love every second here.

Enjoy a taste of Rajasthan at Chokidhani

Planning a vacation with kids isn’t easy. But Chokidhani lets your kids experience Rajasthan without the hassle of travel. This Rajasthan-themed heritage village is located in Sriperumbudur. A dining and entertainment extravaganza, Chokidhani will have you and your kids feeling like you’re in a whole new world, just like Aladdin.

Chokidhani has a ton of summer activities for kids including camel, horse and bullock cart rides, traditional magic and puppet shows, archery and, of course, plenty of singing and dancing.

Laser Tag

You’ve heard of paintballing, but laser tag is the new kid on the block. While the rules remain the same, laser tag has all the fun of paintballing, minus those pesky paint pellets. That way your kids won’t get hurt. What makes it even more appealing is the fact that you have to wear glow-in-the-dark jackets, lurk around a maze-like dark room hunting for your target. There’s a lot of hiding, running, and screaming, making it the perfect playground for your kids. Play as a family, or you could even take your kid’s friends along to celebrate a birthday party!

Take a 3D selfie at Click Art Museum

Let’s face it. No kid will want to spend their time staring at ancient artefacts. But the Click Art Museum in Injambakkam is different. It is India’s first 3D art museum based on the French art form Trompe l’oeil. It doesn’t matter if you’re 5 or 55, the 3D artwork here is so captivating and interactive, you will be left in awe. Take a selfie with a chimp or surf some waves, catch an apple from Adam as Eve looks on or try your hand at some archery – everything is done through clever optical illusions. So if you want your kids to experience Alice in Wonderland in real life, take a trip down this rabbit hole for a fun and mindboggling day out.

Look at crocodiles at Madras Crocodile Bank

Do your kids have a strange fascination for reptiles? If meeting Komodo Dragons and going on snake walks are things that bring a smile to your child’s face then drop by the Madras Crocodile Bank on ECR. After you’ve finished the snake walk and spotted few crocodiles being the lazy predators they are, you can meet the star of the show – the Komodo Dragon, originally found in the Komodo Islands of Indonesia. And as a finale, go on a night safari and experience a truly reptilian nightlife.

Get a glimpse into space at Birla Planetarium

In a galaxy far, far away, there was once a planetarium that brought the whole universe indoors. Well, maybe not so far away. We’re talking about the Birla Planetarium in Kotturpuram. Fully computerised, this planetarium is a galactic escape – making you feel like you’re part of the planets and constellations. The planetarium has 35 specialised programs that cover the solar system, comets and the life cycle of stars. Your kids will be left start-struck.

Go kayaking on Muttukadu Lake

Muttukadu is a small backwater area on Chennai’s ECR around 40km from the city and is popular for its water sports. Take your kids motor boating, jet skiing and kayaking. There are a lot of summer activities for kids at Muttukadu Lake, and it’s also a great way to take a mini break on ECR.

Have fun at an amusement park

Chennai has many amusement parks all along the ECR. VGP Golden beach and MGM Dizzee World have some of the best rides in the city. Roller coasters, free fall rides, spinning carousels – there are a lot of fun things to do with kids at an amusement park. Queensland and Kishkinta are also water theme parks on ECR, which would help you and your kids cool off. Swimming in a large pool and going through water rides like the water volcano are some super fun summer activities for kids.

Spend the weekend at Grande Bay

Beach resorts and kids have always been synonymous with each other. From the fun-filled activities you can do in the resort to the scrumptious food you can indulge in, there are a plethora of summer activities for kids you can find here. Spend a lazy day by the beach, order in some room service or take a much-needed splash in the pool – the choice is yours!

Planning summer activities for kids isn’t easy. But with these tips, you’ll be sure to earn the tag of “World’s Best Parent”! However, make sure you have a checklist when planning your road trip. Head out to Grande Bay resorts today for a memorable weekend getaway!