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All corporate organisations, right from small-scale start-ups to global giants, run on the fuel of team work. The adrenaline rush you get from working together as a team, meeting deadlines and getting high-quality work done for the benefit of your clients, and for the organisation as a whole, is unquantifiable. However, there are times when you need some team-building activities as a catalyst to start the whole process. Let’s take a look at the top corporate team building activities you can make your employees indulge in, to kick start the energetic cycle of producing the best quality of work and helping the organisation grow.


Nerf wars are a great way to get outdoors and have some intense fun. Apart from heart-pumping activity, Nerf wars also demand a lot of team work, making it the perfect type of recreation for corporates. A nerf gun or toy weapon is handed to each member for a friendly shootout. Each team attempts to shoot the other and gain points. The idea behind the shootout is to get teams to think on their feet, strategise and look out for each other. These are the three of the most important qualities for teams to incorporate into their work structure.


The country we live in holds a lot of diversity in it. Most companies are cosmopolitan in nature and employ people from various states. An interesting way of getting to know languages, food and culture is to get each one of the team members to share the intricacies of the place they hail from. This way we get to experience new culture and also learn more about the individual. If time and space permit, you can take it up a notch by asking employees from different cultural backgrounds to showcase their heritage with an interactive slideshow or presentation. A resort with multiple cuisines would be an ideal place to explore this activity.


A team outing is a fantastic opportunity to bond. But an even better way to make the excursion fun, and yet productive, is to get an expert in the field to address employees about the latest business ideas and trends in the industry. While they are at it, they can also host a fun-filled memory game on the same concept. This way, knowledge sharing takes place and learning is made more fun. Employees would love to take home tit-bits of useful information and also exercise them into their work culture.


Hiking demands a lot of team work which is why it is the perfect activity to help your team bond with each other. Pack your bags and leave for a weekend of adventure and fun. Split yourself in teams and explore nature as it takes you on a journey of serenity and tranquillity. Hiking is also a great way to break away from the work space atmosphere into something more relaxing and joyful. Teams would enjoy the adrenaline rush as they experience fun of a whole new kind. Be it putting up tents or staying at luxury resorts, the trek will surely leave employees hungry for more.


Escape rooms is an intellectual game that involves teams to solve puzzles while they are locked inside closed doors. The team that solves the puzzle first emerges as the winner as they free themselves from the locked room. This gets the teams to co-ordinate together, use each of their intellectual capabilities and come up with creative solutions to crack the puzzle provided. It’s fun and challenging with physicality not being a barrier. The game is merely an extension of what happens in a work place which is what makes it an instant hit at the first place.


A fun night out is always a good idea. It is an age old trick that seems to always do the magic with a few cocktails and finger-licking food. This fool-proof formulanever fails to loosen people up, help strike conversations and build rapport.Get your teams together for an evening of fun and frolic. An even better way to do this is to spend it together catching up on stories untold and memories relived.


Scavenger hunts and team work have always gone hand-in-hand. Arrange yourselves in teams of two or three for a classic treasure hunt. Take the game up a notch with interesting clues and goodies for teams to find. This activity includes quick out-of-the-box thinking, the ability to solve puzzles and stamina to run and find clues and treasures. The team that gets to the ultimate prize is declared the winner. Apart from being a lot of fun, a scavenger hunt gets members to know each other’s skills, put them to use effectively and play to their strengths.


We are all no strangers to this fun-filled game of coming up with ads. The good news is that, the age-old game of adzap works like magic in the corporate world as well. Get members in a team of three or four and pick random objects in the room. The idea behind the activity is for each team to come up with a creative way to market the object. The game can be made fun by using absurd articles such as a bubblewrap or a bottle cap to add a creative twist to your ad. Teams can showcase their theatrical skills or creative marketing strategies in order to get the product across effectively. Humour is a quotient that comes in perfectly handy for a situation such as this.


Nothing screams team spirit like an old-school game marathon. Dedicate an entire day to gaming and some much-needed team building. Board games and food are a great way to bond. Get members together as they employ their board game skills. Be it chess or monopoly,the winner takes it all. Shuffle between games, or simply watch the friendly banter among team members, but do not forget to capture those fun memories.

So, to sum it all up, team-building games are the best way to make your teammates break the ice and share some light moments, away from the constrained atmosphere they experience at work. Take your team out, spoil them, and help them get intertwined in a strong bond of friendship, trust and unbeatable team spirit.

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