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Is stress a way of life for you? When you are caught up with work pressures and family demands, you can often get lost in your routine. Holidays aren’t an indulgence, they are a necessity. Without a fun holiday to recharge your batteries, you’re going to go through life on autopilot. If you feel like you’re stuck in a monotonous rut, then a vacation could do your mind, body and soul wonders. Even a short weekend getaway could be enough to inject excitement back into your life -plus you won’t have to ask your boss for leave, which is a definite plus.

1. You’re Turning Into a Grouch

People running in the other direction when you approach them is never a good sign. If you’re frustrated at work, you might be taking it out on everyone around you. Are you extra-snappish lately and feel like you’re running seriously low on patience? A rejuvenating mini-getaway by the sea could be just what the doctor ordered. Even just looking forward to a vacation can help you let go of some of your tension. So plan a weekend getaway soon, even the people around you will be endlessly grateful.

2. You Wake Up Feeling Unhappy

Does your day suck before it even begins? If the sound of your alarm clock sends you into an existential crisis, then you desperately need a break. If you’re feeling dejected and unmotivated, then this is going to show up in the quality of your work. Moping around also makes you far from a joy to hang out with. A change of scene can help you regain your sense of purpose and gives you a chance to reevaluate your priorities in life. Lounging by the beautiful sea might be just what you need to figure out what you have to do to be happy again.

3. You’re Stuck In a Routine

Has your life become predictable down to the last minute of the day? Routine can give you a sense of security, but too much of it can suck every ounce of creativity and motivation out of you. Disrupt your daily routine with a spontaneous weekend getaway! Resist the urge to schedule every hour of your mini-vacation and just make up as you go along. Not knowing what to expect will be exciting after spending years living your life according to meeting schedules and deadlines.

4. You’ve Had Your Heart Broken Recently

If there’s one thing that we can count on, it’s that we’re all going to have our hearts broken from time to time. But even if Mr. Right turned out to be Mr. What-Was-I-Thinking, it isn’t the end of the world. Staying in bed moping all day while eating tubs of ice cream and watching sad movies isn’t going to do you much good. Instead, call all your friends and plan a weekend getaway together. A weekend of fun with people you love can remind you of your self-worth and mend your broken heart in no time at all. Who knows, you might even meet an enigmatic stranger by the beach!

5. You Haven’t Spent Quality Time With Your Family

Working long hours every single day can make you lose sight of what’s really important. At the end of the day, it’s the memories you made with your loved ones that are going to be more valuable to you than your bank balance. If the most amount of quality time you’ve spent with your kids is dropping them to school, then you desperately need a weekend holiday to bring the family closer. Weekend getaways are also important to help couples recover their mojo. If you and your partner were besotted with each other until kids came along and ruined everything, then a weekend getaway might be just what you need to get back that spark.

6. You’re Jealous of Your Friends Who Are Travelling

Does the green-eyed monster of jealousy overcome you everytime you scroll through Instagram and find pictures of your friends lounging by the pool, sipping daiquiris? You might not be turning into a bitter old crank, you might just be craving a vacation of your own! What’s life without a few vacations to break the monotony? So turn the table on your friends and start flooding them with your own beautiful vacation pictures!

7. Your Swimsuit Is Gathering Dust

When was the last time you wore your swimsuit? Do you even remember where it is? If your swimsuit is buried under a pile of clothes, then it’s time you aired it out again. There’s nothing like a dip in a pool to take your mind off stress and recharge your batteries. If you can’t remember the last time you didn’t spend your day in formals, then it’s high time you planned a weekend trip!

If you check all the boxes, then you know you’re secretly crying out for a vacation. Do blue pools and sun-kissed beaches immediately come to mind when you think of going on a holiday? Then plan your next weekend getaway at Grande Bay Resort and Spa. Our beautiful sandy beaches, luxurious rooms and friendly staff will pamper you and take away all your stress.