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ECR-The sound of it wakes you up from a slumber and rekindles fond memories of unforgettable family vacations. For some, it stands for Easy, Comfortable, Relaxation.For others, it is a holiday within city limits. The idyllic beach setting sets the tide in favour of ECR being the most popular destination for an impromptu weekend getaway. If you’re wondering how to plan a trip with toddlers, friends, family and everything in between, you can’t find a better place than ECR, Good things come in small packages and sodo vacations! Read on to find out why you should bundle your family into a car and head to ECR on the next long weekend.

Drive to thrive

For all those motor enthusiasts who think they have to wait past midnight to quench their need for speed, think again. A scenic drive awaits you during the daytime along the ECR. The entire ECR stretch is paved with smooth, wide roads that make driving a joy. What’s more, these long drives while listening to your favourite tracks can increase your happy hormone, serotonin. This way, you can bust your stress before you even get to the resort! Sojust load up on petrol and get on with your patrol.

Spayurvedaand deep tissue massages

Your body’s been sending out franticsigns that it’s time for a weekend getaway. Your dark circles are increasing while your grey matter is doing the exact opposite. Before someone cries out “What’s the matter?”– book a spa session at your favourite resort in ECR.A relaxing day at the spa could be just what the doctor ordered to put right back what the city and late nights have mercilessly extorted from you. Our spa at Grande Bay offers oil massages from around the world such as Bali Aromatherapy and Swedish massage.

An oil massage usually requires 3-4 hours for the oil to seep through all your layers of skin to make it baby soft again.During weeknights, you cannot fully enjoy these nuanced benefits as youare pressed for time. But with a mini-break at a resort on the ECR,you have all the time in the world to slip into a cozy slumber as your muscles are stretched and loosened up.

Activities for the whole family

ECR offers a range of smart holiday options which cater to a whole variety of interests.From family reunions to planning for amazing girls’ weekends, ECR is the perfect destination. You can just loll by the beach and take in the morning sun or break into a jog to burn off the previous night’s seafood binge. You can even hire a bicycle to pedal your way to the nearby areas and check out their way of life. Sip tea in a shack just like the locals and soak in the memories as you cradle the piping tea served in earthen cups. During the evenings after you wake upfrom an invigorating afternoon snooze, you can take a walk along the sea as you watch the sun retire for the day. You can even collect seashells as keepsakes or wade into the cold water. There are so many fun activities to enjoy at Grande Bay Resort; we guarantee you will never have a dull moment! Some of the best holidays are the ones where you did not exert yourself, but came back feeling like a new person.

Save on travel time and excess packing

ECR being along the city’s eastern fringe is a blessing for everyone looking to take a quick mini-break! You are saved from the hassle of dealing with long travel times and flight bookings. You needn’t worry about taking yourmothballed woolens out of storage or forgetting your extra pair of socks. Since your mini-break is within the resort,all you need are a few smart casuals and maybe a pair of formals just in case the situation presents itself.

Binge on seafood

The assortment of cuisines on offer at resorts and getaways in ECR are enough to make you come back well-fed and satiated. At ECR, you can find the most delectable seafood in the whole city, with fresh catch brought straight from the ocean to your table. If your favourite kinds of food live underwater, then ECR is the best place to indulge your foodie dreams. If you’re staying at Grande Bay Resort, don’t forget to book a table at our highly-acclaimed restaurant, L’Attitude 49. Ask us for our Catch of the Day so we can cook it to order!

At ECR, you can finally take your much-awaited beach holiday. A luxurious resort set in the midst of breathtaking oceanic surroundings can melt anyone’s stress away. If you’re planning a weekend trip to ECR, book your stay at Grande Bay Resort and Spa. Our little slice of heaven is sure to delight every member of your family.