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Vacations are a great way to see the world and experience cultures. Travel has become easier with travel agencies and airlines offering discounts and ways to get to and from new destinations. Plan your down time well and get maximum mileage for your travel dollar. And for the best memories to take back home; it is always suggestive to choose a good location for your stay. However, it is always difficult to get a complete package in any resort where when the food is amazing, the ambience and hospitality are lacking or when the resort has the best spa it lacks in the bar department. And as an international traveler you would have definitely experienced such inconveniences. Grande Bay Resort located on the coastal side of the road at the entrance to Mamallapuram is the example of perfection because it satisfies all the departments; right from restaurant serving yummy food to beautiful banquet halls to breath taking bar.

A bar is a place that must not only serve all kinds of drinks but also must have great ambience and wonderful views that will make any conversation even more interesting. The Quentina is one such stylish bar that will please not only any Global traveler but also the local crowd. This makes it a perfect place to unwind and relax and in such atmosphere you can enjoy conversations and mingling with people.

The three things that make the Quentina Bar one of its kind
This bar is not only bussing with people but is also eco-friendly and very pleasant. You can always visit the bar even when you are not staying in the resort which makes it an ideal meeting place for your date. The three best things about quentina bar that makes it stand out are that the bar opens up to a large deck where you can simply relax drinking your cocktail. This deck faces the ocean providing you with amazing views that makes drinking a much more pleasant and calming experience. This large deck also faces the beautifully designed pool; thus when you want to get away from the crowd, you can always lounge near the pool with your drinks and cocktails.
Music though a common feature among bars, the view makes the experience worthwhile
Music is yet another thing which makes the bar one of the best places to hang out. You can just grove to the music or simply enjoy it amidst conversations and cocktails. These three best features of the bar may be common to other bars but when you really experience it you will easily make out the difference which will make your visit to the Quentina bar at Grande Bay Resort worthwhile.

Bar 1
The Grande Bay Resort is not just about the exquisite bar of global standards but a lot more. The swimming pool for instance has an amazing view that depicts Indian culture and at the same time provides the ambience of international standard. The resort houses a restaurant that serves the best dishes from across the globe that is certain to satisfy anybody’s palate even when the person has strict and selective preferences.

Not just for family vacations but for business meetings and presentations

The East Coast Road is worth a visit to explore the amazing Mahabalipuram and now it is worth the stay because of this resort that has world class amenities including a spa and this bar that makes your stay worthwhile. Why not make use of this complete package that will make your visit wholesome and fulfil not just for you but for your entire family. A place that provides both family oriented atmosphere and also a business one for meetings and presentations of your company with huge banquet halls.