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Signature Full Body Treatments


60/ 90 Minutes INR 2500/ 3250

De-stress is a wonderful muscle therapy for relaxing and really feeling like you were worked over and left in a stress free state. It is perfect for increasing your blood and lymph circulation, releasing tension and pain from your muscles and freeing up your joints.


60/ 90 Minutes INR 2500/ 3250

A balancing, stretching, pain-relieving massage with Wintergreen oil and warm herbal compress can instantly relax and rejuvenate those commuters travelling more than an hour a day or patrons whostand / sit all day experiencing chronic tension, neck & back pains, joint stiffness and stress in certain areas of the body due to weak posture.

Jet Lag

60/ 90 Minutes INR 2500/ 3250

Travel, lack of sleep and overwhelming workload can disturb the internal clock directly impacting your efficiency, focus on work and mood swings. This signature therapy is a total relaxation massage working within pleasure-pain threshold using a variety of muscle release techniques to release tension, followed by a head massage with carefully selected aroma oils to help you reset and refresh.

Warm Stone

60/ 90 Minutes INR 2500/ 3250

This service is ideal for relieving achy muscles & fibromyalgia pain. Heated basalt lava stones are applied to targeted points on the body, which also assist in circulation and lymphatic drainage.