Your guide to planning an amazing girl’s weekend at a resort

your guide to planning an amazing girls weekend

Girl gangs and fun weekend trips are almost synonymous with each other. From endless discussions on WhatsApp groups to rigorous vacation planning on an all-girls night out, there is no girl gang which has not dreamt of that perfect weekend getaway. Unfortunately, most times these plans do not materialise and frizzle out, due to various reasons. Read on for some useful tips and suggestions to turn that dream weekend into a stunning reality.

Find the perfect window

Having a group of girlfriends is both a curse and a blessing. A blessing because you know you have a support system for life and a curse because there is never a time when all the friends are free for a weekend getaway. From family commitments to boyfriend problems, there is always an excuse. In order to plan and execute the perfect trip, it is best to start in advance and find that window of opportunity when the entire gang is free and ready to have a good time. Heading out to a resort is the best option as it gives out the vibes of a vacation within city limits.

Book your stay

Though last-minute plans are the best, it is always best to plan ahead and book your stay. Not only will you get the best rates, but you will also be rest assured that the trip cannot get cancelled once the stay is fixed. Find the best deals on various travel portals and check the reviews of the place before you make your move.

Plan your wardrobe

A girl’s trip and on-point dressing have always gone hand-in-hand. Girls love dressing up and striking the perfect pose with their beloved girlfriends. If you are heading out for a fun-filled weekend at a resort, make sure you’ve got all your vacation clothes right. From neon shorts to quirky tank tops, this is when you can let go of your monotonous office wear and let your hair down. Do not forget to pack a lot of sunscreen for that impromptu volleyball match at the beach and your vibrant swimwear for those cheerful hours in the swimming pool.

Hit the road

Amidst all the weekend planning, do not forget to focus on the mini road trip you will be indulging in with your girls. Since most of the resorts in Chennai are located in the scenic road of ECR, you can spice up the commute to your destination with a foot-tapping playlist. While you are at it, you can also pick a few car games to play to keep the spirits high.

Pick the perfect resort

Since planning for the weekend getaway can get taxing enough, it is very important you choose the right resort that lives up to the expectations of the group. Choose a destination which has a stunning swimming pool, easy access to the beach, a happening bar, remarkable rooms and impeccable hospitality.

Grande Bay Resorts is one such spectacular property which checks all the boxes. From a state-of-the-art Quentina Bar to keep your spirits high to scrumptious seafood served fresh from the ocean, this resort is built keeping the contemporary traveller in mind. You can also indulge in a relaxing and soul-stirring evening at the SPA or the various fun activities available at the resort and bond with your girl pals over nostalgic stories from the past.

So what are you waiting for? You fun weekend with Grande Bay Resorts in just a click away. Book your stay now and take back memories to cherish for life.


Vishnu Kumar


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9 corporate team outings

All corporate organisations, right from small-scale start-ups to global giants, run on the fuel of team work. The adrenaline rush you get from working together as a team, meeting deadlines and getting high-quality work done for the benefit of your clients, and for the organisation as a whole, is unquantifiable. However, there are times when you need some team-building activities as a catalyst to start the whole process. Let’s take a look at the top corporate team building activities you can make your employees indulge in, to kick start the energetic cycle of producing the best quality of work and helping the organisation grow.


Nerf wars are a great way to get outdoors and have some intense fun. Apart from heart-pumping activity, Nerf wars also demand a lot of team work, making it the perfect type of recreation for corporates. A nerf gun or toy weapon is handed to each member for a friendly shootout. Each team attempts to shoot the other and gain points. The idea behind the shootout is to get teams to think on their feet, strategise and look out for each other. These are the three of the most important qualities for teams to incorporate into their work structure.


The country we live in holds a lot of diversity in it. Most companies are cosmopolitan in nature and employ people from various states. An interesting way of getting to know languages, food and culture is to get each one of the team members to share the intricacies of the place they hail from. This way we get to experience new culture and also learn more about the individual. If time and space permit, you can take it up a notch by asking employees from different cultural backgrounds to showcase their heritage with an interactive slideshow or presentation. A resort with multiple cuisines would be an ideal place to explore this activity.


A team outing is a fantastic opportunity to bond. But an even better way to make the excursion fun, and yet productive, is to get an expert in the field to address employees about the latest business ideas and trends in the industry. While they are at it, they can also host a fun-filled memory game on the same concept. This way, knowledge sharing takes place and learning is made more fun. Employees would love to take home tit-bits of useful information and also exercise them into their work culture.


Hiking demands a lot of team work which is why it is the perfect activity to help your team bond with each other. Pack your bags and leave for a weekend of adventure and fun. Split yourself in teams and explore nature as it takes you on a journey of serenity and tranquillity. Hiking is also a great way to break away from the work space atmosphere into something more relaxing and joyful. Teams would enjoy the adrenaline rush as they experience fun of a whole new kind. Be it putting up tents or staying at luxury resorts, the trek will surely leave employees hungry for more.


Escape rooms is an intellectual game that involves teams to solve puzzles while they are locked inside closed doors. The team that solves the puzzle first emerges as the winner as they free themselves from the locked room. This gets the teams to co-ordinate together, use each of their intellectual capabilities and come up with creative solutions to crack the puzzle provided. It’s fun and challenging with physicality not being a barrier. The game is merely an extension of what happens in a work place which is what makes it an instant hit at the first place.


A fun night out is always a good idea. It is an age old trick that seems to always do the magic with a few cocktails and finger-licking food. This fool-proof formulanever fails to loosen people up, help strike conversations and build rapport.Get your teams together for an evening of fun and frolic. An even better way to do this is to spend it together catching up on stories untold and memories relived.


Scavenger hunts and team work have always gone hand-in-hand. Arrange yourselves in teams of two or three for a classic treasure hunt. Take the game up a notch with interesting clues and goodies for teams to find. This activity includes quick out-of-the-box thinking, the ability to solve puzzles and stamina to run and find clues and treasures. The team that gets to the ultimate prize is declared the winner. Apart from being a lot of fun, a scavenger hunt gets members to know each other’s skills, put them to use effectively and play to their strengths.


We are all no strangers to this fun-filled game of coming up with ads. The good news is that, the age-old game of adzap works like magic in the corporate world as well. Get members in a team of three or four and pick random objects in the room. The idea behind the activity is for each team to come up with a creative way to market the object. The game can be made fun by using absurd articles such as a bubblewrap or a bottle cap to add a creative twist to your ad. Teams can showcase their theatrical skills or creative marketing strategies in order to get the product across effectively. Humour is a quotient that comes in perfectly handy for a situation such as this.


Nothing screams team spirit like an old-school game marathon. Dedicate an entire day to gaming and some much-needed team building. Board games and food are a great way to bond. Get members together as they employ their board game skills. Be it chess or monopoly,the winner takes it all. Shuffle between games, or simply watch the friendly banter among team members, but do not forget to capture those fun memories.

So, to sum it all up, team-building games are the best way to make your teammates break the ice and share some light moments, away from the constrained atmosphere they experience at work. Take your team out, spoil them, and help them get intertwined in a strong bond of friendship, trust and unbeatable team spirit.

If you are looking for open spaces and an unmatched ambience to take your team out for a day of fun and bonding, we at Grande Bay reports have the perfect venue and open spaces for you! Make sure to rope in your event planner who can also help you conceptualise some fun team building activities. So what are you waiting for? Contact Grande Bay Resorts for lush landscapes, fun activities at the resort and world-class hospitality.


Vishnu Kumar


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5 Important Points to Remember When Planning Your Dream Beach Wedding

5 Important Points To Remember When Planning Your Dream Beach Wedding

A beach wedding is one of the most fun and quirky type of weddings. Having your marriage officiated on the beach can be romantic and picturesque. However, planning a beach wedding can get a little taxing when compared to its generic counterpart. There are many important things to take into consideration and if they aren’t looked at properly, you might miss out on the picture perfect beach wedding that you’ve dreamed of. Following are the list of points to keep in mind while planning your dream beach wedding.

Inform Your Guests

Your guests need to know about the location so that they can plan their stay and wardrobe accordingly, as most of them will be travelling with toddlers. The last thing you and your guests need is sand in their shoes and clothes. Make sure that you inform your guests about the location you’ve picked so that they can buy appropriate clothes and shoes. Request your guests to wear warm weather clothes and shoes that can manage sand. That way, they won’t have to worry about their clothes getting ruined and will be well prepared for the venue and weather.

Choose Your Outfit Carefully

This is a must – especially for the bride. Be sure to choose a dress that can endure sand, wind and ocean spray. Try not to go for long flowing dresses or heels. Opt for shorter dresses and flat shoes (or no shoes). Grooms can go in for a lightweight suit and removable shoes. Lightweight suits and shorter dresses are the best for beach weddings since the weather is mostly hot and sunny with a lot of refreshing sea breeze.

Have A Backup Location Ready

Outdoor weddings can get a bit dicey due to the unpredictability of the weather. It could be sunny one moment and rainy the next. Make sure that you have a backup location in case the weather plays spoilsport to your beach wedding. If you’re getting married at a resort, keep any hall available there as a backup location for your wedding ceremony. For public beach weddings, try to keep the ceremony at a marriage hall nearby so that you can easily move things there without too much hassle. Be sure to inform your guests as well so that they know where to go in case the situation arises.

Acquire Permission

If you plan on getting married on a public beach or at a beach resort, make sure that you get the necessary permissions to have the wedding there. Make a list of beaches in your locality that could be ideal for tying the knot and approach the concerned office for permission in prior. If you’re getting married at a private resort, speak to the resort manager and work it out accordingly. The management will make sure that your destination wedding is nothing less than a stunning fairytale.

Expect A Lot Of Breeze

There will be a lot of breeze at the beach so make sure that you factor this into your plans. While breeze is always good, it can mess up some of your decorations and lighter objects. So ensure that you have certain light objects weighed down and that your dresses and suits can handle the incoming breeze. Keep lighter objects like candles, flowers and place cards weighed down properly. Tell your announcers to speak loudly and clearly during the ceremony and reception.

Have these important points in the back of your mind when you plan your dream beach wedding and it will definitely be a success. If you want the best dream beach wedding location here in Chennai, come to Grande Bay Resort and Spaon ECR. We know that there are a number of factors you need to consider while choosing a beach resort and we will leave no stone unturned to make your dream wedding a stunning reality. You can also check out our blogs on the fun activities to try at Grande Bay and 7 signs it’s time for a weekend getaway for a better understanding. Visit Grand Bay Resorts now to plan your destination wedding!


Vishnu Kumar


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How to survive a beach vacation with toddlers

how to survive beach vacations with toddlers

Beach vacations are meant to be full of fun for you and your family. However, when you have toddlers, you don’t get much time to relax due to their high energy levels. Their constant need for attention takes a toll on your social life and, to an extent, your health. This is why a refreshing beach vacation is exactly what you need to unwind and relax. Read on for a few pointers and useful tips on how to survive a beach vacation with your toddlers and make memories you can cherish for life.

Pack well in advance

Make sure that you pack your clothes, toiletries and necessities well in advance before starting your vacation. Packing in a hurry for just one person is a frightful experience. Imagine doing the same for both you and your toddler. Make a list of what you need to carry and start checking it off as you pack. That way, you can start your vacation with peace of mind.

Keep plenty of large Ziploc/plastic bags

Ziploc/plastic bags will come in handy for when you’re putting away your little one’s wet and dry clothes. These bags are also double up as trash bags to get rid of your toddler’s soiled underwear. Apart from categorizing the clothes, a plastic bag also ensures the wet sand does not seep through the rest of your baggage.

Stick to a schedule

If you do things without a proper schedule, your beach vacation with your toddler could turn into a disaster. The trick lies in maintaining the same schedule for your toddler with a good dose of holiday activities here and there. Make sure that you allot enough time for meals and naps for your tiny tot so that you can enjoy your vacation. Otherwise, your dinner plans and sleep might get ruined later.

Protect your toddler from the sun

The sun is a lot hotter along the coast, and your little one is sure to get sunburnt if you don’t ensure that they are well protected from the sun. Aside from applying sunscreen, get your toddler to wear a surf shirt to protect their arms and shoulders. Make sure that you don’t spend more than 45 minutes on the beach as well. It is also a good idea to get a beach umbrella  so that your toddler can chill under the shade as you update your Instagram story with the vibrant prop in the background.

Keep water and snacks ready

Water and snacks are a must when you go on a beach vacation with kids. Your toddler is going to tire themselves out, so it’s best if you have plenty of water and their favorite treats in your bag at all times.. Carry some small biscuits like crackers for them to eat and keep water or juice in a sippy cup for them. A sippy cup is perfect since it is easy to clean and doesn’t leak.

Have a quiet time before dinner

Quiet time before dinner is a must as it gives time for both you and your toddler to relax and rest before having a huge dinner. Quiet time does not necessariliy mean that your kid needs to take a nap. You both can spend time relaxing in bed together, watching some TV or talking about the fun time you had at the beach. The rest will help in avoiding potential meltdowns at dinner and can also help in connecting with your child. While dining, make sure you try out our delicious sea food, freshly caught from the ocean.

Let your toddler use the pool instead of the ocean

Most toddlers are afraid of the ocean because of its unpredictability. If there is a kiddie pool at your hotel, let your tiny tot use the pool instead. The pool is a lot safer, and you both are bound to have a lot more fun in a safer environment.

Relax and have fun

Don’t try to micromanage everything. Let your little one choose an activity to do, and you follow them. A vacation is supposed to be fun after all. So join in with your bundle of joy, relax a bit and have fun! You can also try making time for a refreshing spa treatment as your significant other keeps an eye on your toddler.

Beach vacations are all about the sea, the sand and a lot of fun. If you are headed out for a much-needed break by the coastline, make sure you opt for Grande Bay Resorts as your holiday partner.

We have a child-friendly and safe atmosphere with a wide range of fun activities that you and your toddler are bound to enjoy. Hurry and make your reservations now!


Vishnu Kumar


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7 Signs that it’s Time for a Weekend Getaway

7 signs its time for a weekend getaway

Is stress a way of life for you? When you are caught up with work pressures and family demands, you can often get lost in your routine. Holidays aren’t an indulgence, they are a necessity. Without a fun holiday to recharge your batteries, you’re going to go through life on autopilot. If you feel like you’re stuck in a monotonous rut, then a vacation could do your mind, body and soul wonders. Even a short weekend getaway could be enough to inject excitement back into your life -plus you won’t have to ask your boss for leave, which is a definite plus.

1. You’re Turning Into a Grouch

People running in the other direction when you approach them is never a good sign. If you’re frustrated at work, you might be taking it out on everyone around you. Are you extra-snappish lately and feel like you’re running seriously low on patience? A rejuvenating mini-getaway by the sea could be just what the doctor ordered. Even just looking forward to a vacation can help you let go of some of your tension. So plan a weekend getaway soon, even the people around you will be endlessly grateful.

2. You Wake Up Feeling Unhappy

Does your day suck before it even begins? If the sound of your alarm clock sends you into an existential crisis, then you desperately need a break. If you’re feeling dejected and unmotivated, then this is going to show up in the quality of your work. Moping around also makes you far from a joy to hang out with. A change of scene can help you regain your sense of purpose and gives you a chance to reevaluate your priorities in life. Lounging by the beautiful sea might be just what you need to figure out what you have to do to be happy again.

3. You’re Stuck In a Routine

Has your life become predictable down to the last minute of the day? Routine can give you a sense of security, but too much of it can suck every ounce of creativity and motivation out of you. Disrupt your daily routine with a spontaneous weekend getaway! Resist the urge to schedule every hour of your mini-vacation and just make up as you go along. Not knowing what to expect will be exciting after spending years living your life according to meeting schedules and deadlines.

4. You’ve Had Your Heart Broken Recently

If there’s one thing that we can count on, it’s that we’re all going to have our hearts broken from time to time. But even if Mr. Right turned out to be Mr. What-Was-I-Thinking, it isn’t the end of the world. Staying in bed moping all day while eating tubs of ice cream and watching sad movies isn’t going to do you much good. Instead, call all your friends and plan a weekend getaway together. A weekend of fun with people you love can remind you of your self-worth and mend your broken heart in no time at all. Who knows, you might even meet an enigmatic stranger by the beach!

5. You Haven’t Spent Quality Time With Your Family

Working long hours every single day can make you lose sight of what’s really important. At the end of the day, it’s the memories you made with your loved ones that are going to be more valuable to you than your bank balance. If the most amount of quality time you’ve spent with your kids is dropping them to school, then you desperately need a weekend holiday to bring the family closer. Weekend getaways are also important to help couples recover their mojo. If you and your partner were besotted with each other until kids came along and ruined everything, then a weekend getaway might be just what you need to get back that spark.

6. You’re Jealous of Your Friends Who Are Travelling

Does the green-eyed monster of jealousy overcome you everytime you scroll through Instagram and find pictures of your friends lounging by the pool, sipping daiquiris? You might not be turning into a bitter old crank, you might just be craving a vacation of your own! What’s life without a few vacations to break the monotony? So turn the table on your friends and start flooding them with your own beautiful vacation pictures!

7. Your Swimsuit Is Gathering Dust

When was the last time you wore your swimsuit? Do you even remember where it is? If your swimsuit is buried under a pile of clothes, then it’s time you aired it out again. There’s nothing like a dip in a pool to take your mind off stress and recharge your batteries. If you can’t remember the last time you didn’t spend your day in formals, then it’s high time you planned a weekend trip!

If you check all the boxes, then you know you’re secretly crying out for a vacation. Do blue pools and sun-kissed beaches immediately come to mind when you think of going on a holiday? Then plan your next weekend getaway at Grande Bay Resort and Spa. Our beautiful sandy beaches, luxurious rooms and friendly staff will pamper you and take away all your stress.


Vishnu Kumar


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Fun Activities to Enjoy at Grande Bay Resort

We live in a world that is fast paced and that, which, does not leave any exclusive time to spend with oneself, family, friends or just relax and unwind. And if you are in Tamil Nadu, then the Grande Bay Resort is the place to be. Away from the hustle bustle of life; this resorts offers a plethora of activities that give a break to the humdrum of work and life.

  1. Night Safari

Located at about 14 kilometers from the Grand Bay resort is the Madras Crocodile Bank – a reptile ZOO & Herpetology research centre. Home to more than 2500 reptiles, this croc bank is covered luxuriously with the coastal dune forest; thereby offering a haven to the wildlife living there.

crocodile-bank Continue reading Fun Activities to Enjoy at Grande Bay Resort



MAMALLA GROUP OF BANQUETS, HOTELS & RESORT Contact : Vishnu//Manager & Administrator - Mamalla Group of Banquets, Hotels & Resort. Chennai, ECR, Mahabalipuram (Mamallapuram) - INDIA

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10 Top Team Building Activities

Team building activities are one of the most important and crucial steps to be taken if you wish to enjoy being a part of a productive, happy and closely knit team. To become the productive A-team at your work place is not an arduous task when you have individuals who together as one team. And the easiest possible way to get all the individual team members to work like a team is by organizing team building activities. By enjoying the company of the team mates and spending some good time together, you can be rest assured that there will be no communication gap between any of the two members. This will make their bonding stronger and thereby lead to an efficiently working happy team. So, what are these team building activities like? Here are 10 top team building activities that you can organize activities to create some fun moments and great memories to share at all times –

Continue reading 10 Top Team Building Activities



MAMALLA GROUP OF BANQUETS, HOTELS & RESORT Contact : Vishnu//Manager & Administrator - Mamalla Group of Banquets, Hotels & Resort. Chennai, ECR, Mahabalipuram (Mamallapuram) - INDIA

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Fun filled Activities and Adventures in Grande Bay Resort

Grande Bay Resort

Activities you can indulge in when you spend time at the Grande Bay Resort

Spending some quality time at a good resort is surely one of the best ways of unwinding and relaxation. There are several categories of resorts to choose from, based on one’s interests. Consider the following list of resorts to choose from – Hill stations, Islands, Health spas, Nature, Seaside, Skiing, Underwater and diving, All-inclusive resorts, Safaris and Sports. The list is so extensive that there is something for everyone. And you will have a fulfilling experience when you choose the right resort situated in just the perfect location. Mahabalipuram is a vacation destiny in the South of India and the Grande Bay Resort is yet another reason to plan a holiday or a two in this place which is an amalgamation of fun, culture, tradition, adventure, etc. Whether you are looking for some alone time or just want to have a family outing and visiting India then this resort is one such luxury resort that is sure to please you. With a built in spa and a bar you can find the best means of relaxing and pampering yourself.

fishermen morning

Continue reading Fun filled Activities and Adventures in Grande Bay Resort



MAMALLA GROUP OF BANQUETS, HOTELS & RESORT Contact : Vishnu//Manager & Administrator - Mamalla Group of Banquets, Hotels & Resort. Chennai, ECR, Mahabalipuram (Mamallapuram) - INDIA

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Types of SPAs and their importance 

Spas – Why they are essential

The very word “spa” conjures up extravagance and pampering with massages and facials. Spas are no longer inaccessible – why not take advantage while you are visiting Grande Bay Resort? Look and feel good whether it is a normal day or a special occasion. Spa breaks can be a day or a week – pamper yourself with a luxurious holiday and feel well, body and soul.

The ultimate aim of a spa, even the one at Grande Bay Resort is to enhance your sense of well-being and to make you look your best.

Continue reading Types of SPAs and their importance 



MAMALLA GROUP OF BANQUETS, HOTELS & RESORT Contact : Vishnu//Manager & Administrator - Mamalla Group of Banquets, Hotels & Resort. Chennai, ECR, Mahabalipuram (Mamallapuram) - INDIA

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3 Best things about Quentina Bar at Grande Bay Resort

Vacations are a great way to see the world and experience cultures. Travel has become easier with travel agencies and airlines offering discounts and ways to get to and from new destinations. Plan your down time well and get maximum mileage for your travel dollar. And for the best memories to take back home; it is always suggestive to choose a good location for your stay. However, it is always difficult to get a complete package in any resort where when the food is amazing, the ambience and hospitality are lacking or when the resort has the best spa it lacks in the bar department. And as an international traveler you would have definitely experienced such inconveniences. Grande Bay Resort located on the coastal side of the road at the entrance to Mamallapuram is the example of perfection because it satisfies all the departments; right from restaurant serving yummy food to beautiful banquet halls to breath taking bar.

A bar is a place that must not only serve all kinds of drinks but also must have great ambience and wonderful views that will make any conversation even more interesting. The Quentina is one such stylish bar that will please not only any Global traveler but also the local crowd. This makes it a perfect place to unwind and relax and in such atmosphere you can enjoy conversations and mingling with people.

The three things that make the Quentina Bar one of its kind
This bar is not only bussing with people but is also eco-friendly and very pleasant. You can always visit the bar even when you are not staying in the resort which makes it an ideal meeting place for your date. The three best things about quentina bar that makes it stand out are that the bar opens up to a large deck where you can simply relax drinking your cocktail. This deck faces the ocean providing you with amazing views that makes drinking a much more pleasant and calming experience. This large deck also faces the beautifully designed pool; thus when you want to get away from the crowd, you can always lounge near the pool with your drinks and cocktails.
Music though a common feature among bars, the view makes the experience worthwhile
Music is yet another thing which makes the bar one of the best places to hang out. You can just grove to the music or simply enjoy it amidst conversations and cocktails. These three best features of the bar may be common to other bars but when you really experience it you will easily make out the difference which will make your visit to the Quentina bar at Grande Bay Resort worthwhile.

Bar 1
The Grande Bay Resort is not just about the exquisite bar of global standards but a lot more. The swimming pool for instance has an amazing view that depicts Indian culture and at the same time provides ambience of international standard. The resort houses a restaurant that serves the best dishes from across the globe that is certain to satisfy anybody’s palate even when the person has strict and selective preferences.

Not just for family vacations but for business meetings and presentations

The East Coast Road is worth a visit to explore the amazing Mahabalipuram and now it is worth the stay because of this resort that has world class amenities including a spa and this bar that makes your stay worthwhile. Why not make use of this complete package that will make your visit wholesome and fulfilling not just for you but for your entire family. A place that provides both family oriented atmosphere and also a business one for meetings and presentations of your company with huge banquet halls.



MAMALLA GROUP OF BANQUETS, HOTELS & RESORT Contact : Vishnu//Manager & Administrator - Mamalla Group of Banquets, Hotels & Resort. Chennai, ECR, Mahabalipuram (Mamallapuram) - INDIA

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